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Hank & Cupcakes Are Life Makers!

June 3, 2010

Not day makers. Life makers! So here’s how it all started. We rolled into Rock Bar for a Woulda Coulda Shouldas (heart) show last Thursday and arrived a bit early to protect our boys from the gay men, since they are so damn sexy and Beatle-like. We set up camp in the front row per usual for optimal rage positioning and we were joined by a newcomer. Or so we thought. This chick we’d never seen before was so into the WCSs, dancing by herself nonstop for the entire set and clearly loving every second. I felt rivaled for #1 fan status! We could help but think, “Who the eff IS this girl?”

Well, turns out that the dance monster was none other than the female half of Hank & Cupcakes, the closing band that night. She hoped on stage and started shuffling around the drum set while male half Hank set up like 25 electric bass pedals. Then…the music started and the rest is history. “Cupcake” plays the drums standing up and whacks the shit out of them. She makes it looks so fun, you just want to grab a stick and join in. That’s what she said? Not so much. She feels the music like no other performer I’ve ever seen and is super hilarious and says things like “Oh Hank…” Hank is the silent partner and is like a mad scientist on those pedals. It’s obvious that he’s a perfectionist and a true artist. They’re from Israel and you can definitely hear their native influence in their music, comes across very cool in their indie rock style. Anyway, we immediately music stalked them and went to a show on Tuesday, which was AWESOME. And Jane won Converse sneaks. Great success.  I won nothing. Fail. My only complaint – there was a guy in the audience that was disturbingly hotter than his girfriend. Conclusion:  H&C rock.

Check out Aint No Love on their Myspace page –

Fan. For. Life.



June 3, 2010

Gma Trudy pulling me back into the station

Well shit. It’s been over a YEAR since I last posted on this here blog and that is about to change. For good. Or at least for a while, until I get distracted/busy. Basically, I found myself jonesing to post an unacceptable number of Facebook status updates, so I’m going to splooge my thoughts here instead.

So here we go. Back to telling random tales and sharing good tunes.

The day the non-Italians took on Little Italy

April 19, 2009


The goal:  beer pong on an NYC rooftop. The challenge: no table and no balls. The solution: two laundry baskets, cardboard, one piece of gum, tape, and $8 ping pong balls that might as well have been cheese puffs. The outcome: PURE AWESOMENESS! Thanks to Jared for erecting the unusually low  beer pong “tables” and for finding the only pack of balls in all of Littly Italy. No exaggeration there, I promise you. The balls were so light that we had to get close enough to pretty much dunk on each other yet we were still missing miserably. Highlight: Jared’s victory dance. Conclusion: this summer is going to rule.

Feel the beat and pump that fist!

February 1, 2009

Seriously, what’s with music in this country? Why oh why to the disc jockeys of the USA deny us the techno beats that I crave? CASCADA can’t represent the entire techno/house genre on her own! This first song, called “Infinity 2008”, is on the top 40 in the UK right now, and for good reason! It makes me want to rage my face off.  Where my glow sticks at?

This second song is called “What’s It Gonna Be” by H Two O. It’s my epitome of a musical experience. Listen and you will quikcly understand. Basically, I want to jump in place, up and down, furiously for all 3 minutes and 15 seconds that it endures.


February 1, 2009


Last weekend, Jane and made a trip out to Long Island, for hair cuts of course! We always try to make a trip to our BFF’s house when we’re out there and luckily Carol was able to see us, despite her busy life being a barrel and all. Carol’s house is an alternate universe. As can be noted in by her surroundings in the picture above, there is more food on her counters than in her cabinets. Food everywhere. Much of which she forced down our gullets while we were there.  If you venture down to her basement, you will find a year’s supply of Nutrisystem meals. Carol bought this system with her inheritance to lose some poundage. However, I think she’s a but confused about how this whole weight loss thing works. See, instead of subsisting meals with Nutrisystem, she supplements her normal diet with these delicious treats. Hmm, delicious might be a stretch. I believe it was this summer when Carol gave Jane and I some Nutrisystem snacks to try. The word stale won’t suffice. Expired will do. Inheritance well spent. This woman raised us. Explains a lot.

ANYWAY. Carol is as amazing as ever. Her hair was a lovely mix of pinkish purple on the top and orange on the ends. She rocked the look. Don’t worry, I told her she looked sexy. But you can judge for yourselves.  She’s really losened up in her 40s. I used to have to straight up guerilla warfare attack/ambush her ass to snap a pic beausec she’d dodge out of the way before I could get a shot. She’s a speedy little devil. However, last weekend, she was all about striking a pose. Carol, YOU ARE A GODDESS.

How it all started…

January 31, 2009


Jane came across this priceless gem and I immediately knew I had to share it with you all. This is an epic moment frozen in time, the 8:00 a.m. vodka shot that set off the timeless and unforgettable series of Rosedale day ragers that we will hold dearly in our hearts until the end of time. As a refresher, I was still drunk from the night before…and clearly looked it. Hickey, props for humoring me.

What, you ask, would senior year have been without day parties? The answer, my friends, is incomplete! Sophie, I still don’t forgive you for releasing my birthday balloon into the atmosphere. You are vicious. Ok maybe I do forgive you b/c you were an amazing civil war teammate. Team pussy slayer is eternal!!!!

And here’s an extra bonus pic to help you feel EXTRA nostalgic and long for the days when we were roommates/neighbors/attached at the ass.


And a special shout out to Team PS…



January 11, 2009


I spotted this fine fellow on line to buy tickets for “The Wrestler” this weekend. I highly recommend seeingit by the way. Just be prepared to close your eyes during the wrestling scene involving barbed wire, thumb tacks, and a staple gun.  So, as much as I enjoyed the movie, the highlight of the experience was my encounter with this man. He walked up behind Jane and I to buy tickets, and I promptly bust out laughing and yelled “YOU LOOK LIKE FROSTY THE SNOWMAN BAHAHAHA” in his face.  Let’s just say he was a bit taken aback at first but we promptly got to chatting and he quickly became my BFF. That’s why, when I decided he must make a cameo on casssserole, I felt it was appropriate to prompt him to smile by yelling “SMILE BITCH” instead of “Cheeeese.” Luckily, the memory on my phone was full so I had to retake the picture, which gave me two more opportunities to yell “SMILE BITCH.” I told him I was going to blog about him and I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s going to be famous…..HAHAHHA not so much.


December 21, 2008


I think I write about Stella almost about as much as Cascada. Two great sources of joy in my life. Well, the reason Stella and the Giants have become relevant to one another for the first time in history is because gma landed us some Giants tix at a raffle during her annual apartment complex meeting. Hmmm, interesting choice of prize for a tower filled with old people. Throw them out in the December NY cold in a football stadium with LOTS of stairs. Not really ideal. However, quite ideal for their grandchildren. So, Jane, Courtney, Missy, and myself made the trip to Jersey to see the Giants/Eagles game. Mind you, this was the first game after the Plaxico Burress “I’m-an-idiot-and-shot-myself-in-the-foot-….-literally” scandal. Plaxico’s image was even on our dang tickets. Let’s just say the Giants hadn’t quite recovered from the loss of their wide receiver (I just used Wikipedia to figure out which position he plays, def didn’t know that haha). Basically, the Giants blew it. YOU BLEW IT.

Even though the Giants didn’t deliver, there still two highlights worth mentioning. The first would be the minimal level of destruction that occurred involving stadium food and a stranger. Of course, we ordered a shit ton of crappy food. And let me tell you, it was CRAPPY. Missy ordered nachos and barely ate the cheese it came with because it tasted quasi bitter and came in a very hard log-like form. When we were done attempting to force down said nachos, we put the basket on the floor. Unfortunately for the stranger involved, the basket was place in front of my feet. I unknowingly dipped the bottom of my FUGGs into this nasty cheese concoction and proceeded to use the seat in front of me as a foot rest. My foot repeatedly grazed the back of the man sitting in front of me. I then kicked the basket of chips which flew in the air, sticking to the cheese of the back of stranger man. The four of us spent a decent amount of time contemplating whether we should tell the guy that I had defaced his sweatshirt. The problem was, we all kept having the urge to whip the cheese off this guys back. We managed to resist. Thus, “Cheese Back” was born.

Second highlight. The half time show was an inner city youth drum line. Yes, DRUM LINE. They “broke it down” by forcing three of the boys to do this little tap dance routine in these fruity ass outfits! Not as hardcore as I expected, Nick Canon would have been embarrassed. My favie member of the troop was by far the conductor who was jumping around in a seizure-like state. At the climax of the performance, he had taken off his jacket and was viciously swirling it in the air above his head. I think he was on ecstasy.

In conclusion, thank you Stella, for this experience. Mazel tov.

And now…introducing…Vampire Weekend!

December 6, 2008

Jane and I were lucky enough to get last minute tickets to a GREAT show on Thursday night. Vampire Weekend was playing in Hell’s Kitchen and it was a baller show! Plus Jane spent half the show convinced that Shia LaBeouf was totes there, and I spent the other half trying to prove to Jane that this was clearly not Shia LaBeouf. Maybe next time we will be so lucky.

As for Vampire Weekend, I’d describe them as upbeat (WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?) with British and African influence. I actually thought they were British for a while, but turns out they are just Columbia kids and look like fresh out of the Upper East Side. You might know their song “A-Punk”…they had a lot of publicity on MTV during the Spring ’08, but I gave you “Mansard Roof” instead. Dare to be different, right? Hope you all enjoy! Let me know if you like it and you may have a Vampire Weekend CD coming your way for the holidays. Is this a blog giveaway? Just might be! Yes, Rebecca, you are eligible to participate in this giveaway. Act now!

How festive! I think I’m obsessed with Cascada

December 6, 2008

You know who else is obsessed with Cascada? The blonde haired, glasses wearing lad standing next to me on the subway Wednesday morning on his way to work (most likely to a job in IT). He was listening to MIRACLE so loud that I had no need to even turn on my ipod…just listened to his. This brought great joy to my heart and pretty much proved to me that world peace is possible. No matter who you are, we can all unite in our love for CASCADA!

Fun fact…Cascada is actually a group and not the name the name of the chick you associate with “Cascada.” According to Wikipedia (so glad I graduated from college and can use Wikipedia as a legitimate source):  Cascada consists of singer Natalie Horler, and producers DJ Manian and Yanou. What a team!

Anyway this is all relatively irrelevant! The matter at hand is holiday cheer, and if Cascada singing a holiday classic (“Last Christmas”) doesn’t warm your heart, then you are a scrooge.