Hank & Cupcakes Are Life Makers!

Not day makers. Life makers! So here’s how it all started. We rolled into Rock Bar for a Woulda Coulda Shouldas (heart) show last Thursday and arrived a bit early to protect our boys from the gay men, since they are so damn sexy and Beatle-like. We set up camp in the front row per usual for optimal rage positioning and we were joined by a newcomer. Or so we thought. This chick we’d never seen before was so into the WCSs, dancing by herself nonstop for the entire set and clearly loving every second. I felt rivaled for #1 fan status! We could help but think, “Who the eff IS this girl?”

Well, turns out that the dance monster was none other than the female half of Hank & Cupcakes, the closing band that night. She hoped on stage and started shuffling around the drum set while male half Hank set up like 25 electric bass pedals. Then…the music started and the rest is history. “Cupcake” plays the drums standing up and whacks the shit out of them. She makes it looks so fun, you just want to grab a stick and join in. That’s what she said? Not so much. She feels the music like no other performer I’ve ever seen and is super hilarious and says things like “Oh Hank…” Hank is the silent partner and is like a mad scientist on those pedals. It’s obvious that he’s a perfectionist and a true artist. They’re from Israel and you can definitely hear their native influence in their music, comes across very cool in their indie rock style. Anyway, we immediately music stalked them and went to a show on Tuesday, which was AWESOME. And Jane won Converse sneaks. Great success.  I won nothing. Fail. My only complaint – there was a guy in the audience that was disturbingly hotter than his girfriend. Conclusion:  H&C rock.

Check out Aint No Love on their Myspace page – http://www.myspace.com/hankandcupcakes

Fan. For. Life.


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