Last weekend, Jane and made a trip out to Long Island, for hair cuts of course! We always try to make a trip to our BFF’s house when we’re out there and luckily Carol was able to see us, despite her busy life being a barrel and all. Carol’s house is an alternate universe. As can be noted in by her surroundings in the picture above, there is more food on her counters than in her cabinets. Food everywhere. Much of which she forced down our gullets while we were there.  If you venture down to her basement, you will find a year’s supply of Nutrisystem meals. Carol bought this system with her inheritance to lose some poundage. However, I think she’s a but confused about how this whole weight loss thing works. See, instead of subsisting meals with Nutrisystem, she supplements her normal diet with these delicious treats. Hmm, delicious might be a stretch. I believe it was this summer when Carol gave Jane and I some Nutrisystem snacks to try. The word stale won’t suffice. Expired will do. Inheritance well spent. This woman raised us. Explains a lot.

ANYWAY. Carol is as amazing as ever. Her hair was a lovely mix of pinkish purple on the top and orange on the ends. She rocked the look. Don’t worry, I told her she looked sexy. But you can judge for yourselves.  She’s really losened up in her 40s. I used to have to straight up guerilla warfare attack/ambush her ass to snap a pic beausec she’d dodge out of the way before I could get a shot. She’s a speedy little devil. However, last weekend, she was all about striking a pose. Carol, YOU ARE A GODDESS.


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