How it all started…


Jane came across this priceless gem and I immediately knew I had to share it with you all. This is an epic moment frozen in time, the 8:00 a.m. vodka shot that set off the timeless and unforgettable series of Rosedale day ragers that we will hold dearly in our hearts until the end of time. As a refresher, I was still drunk from the night before…and clearly looked it. Hickey, props for humoring me.

What, you ask, would senior year have been without day parties? The answer, my friends, is incomplete! Sophie, I still don’t forgive you for releasing my birthday balloon into the atmosphere. You are vicious. Ok maybe I do forgive you b/c you were an amazing civil war teammate. Team pussy slayer is eternal!!!!

And here’s an extra bonus pic to help you feel EXTRA nostalgic and long for the days when we were roommates/neighbors/attached at the ass.


And a special shout out to Team PS…



One Response to “How it all started…”

  1. Hickey Says:

    I have just discovered this post…I had no idea photographic evidence of the 8am vodka shot that started the day ragers existed, does anybody remember what we did the night before that prompted all of us gathering at rosedale so early (i think i vaguely remember you and jane coming over to get missy from my house at like 7:45…why was she there???)

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