I spotted this fine fellow on line to buy tickets for “The Wrestler” this weekend. I highly recommend seeingit by the way. Just be prepared to close your eyes during the wrestling scene involving barbed wire, thumb tacks, and a staple gun.  So, as much as I enjoyed the movie, the highlight of the experience was my encounter with this man. He walked up behind Jane and I to buy tickets, and I promptly bust out laughing and yelled “YOU LOOK LIKE FROSTY THE SNOWMAN BAHAHAHA” in his face.  Let’s just say he was a bit taken aback at first but we promptly got to chatting and he quickly became my BFF. That’s why, when I decided he must make a cameo on casssserole, I felt it was appropriate to prompt him to smile by yelling “SMILE BITCH” instead of “Cheeeese.” Luckily, the memory on my phone was full so I had to retake the picture, which gave me two more opportunities to yell “SMILE BITCH.” I told him I was going to blog about him and I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s going to be famous…..HAHAHHA not so much.


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