And now…introducing…Vampire Weekend!

Jane and I were lucky enough to get last minute tickets to a GREAT show on Thursday night. Vampire Weekend was playing in Hell’s Kitchen and it was a baller show! Plus Jane spent half the show convinced that Shia LaBeouf was totes there, and I spent the other half trying to prove to Jane that this was clearly not Shia LaBeouf. Maybe next time we will be so lucky.

As for Vampire Weekend, I’d describe them as upbeat (WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?) with British and African influence. I actually thought they were British for a while, but turns out they are just Columbia kids and look like fresh out of the Upper East Side. You might know their song “A-Punk”…they had a lot of publicity on MTV during the Spring ’08, but I gave you “Mansard Roof” instead. Dare to be different, right? Hope you all enjoy! Let me know if you like it and you may have a Vampire Weekend CD coming your way for the holidays. Is this a blog giveaway? Just might be! Yes, Rebecca, you are eligible to participate in this giveaway. Act now!


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