Markets: My New Obsession

Public Hand Massage

Public Hand Massage

From now on, a new item on my list of interests is MARKETS. Farmer’s markets, holiday markets, flea markets. I love all markets and everything about them. What’s better then looking at a bunch of random crap and talking shit with crazy vendors for an afternoon? This is my ideal day.

My favorite market so far is the Union Square holiday market.  Jane, JARED (I LOVE YOU JARED, Jane thanks you for holding her soup), and I were lucky enough to encounter a woman giving free hand massages. Well, it was more like we convinced her to give us free hand massages. I feel like such a market  tease though b/c I’m so friendly with these vendors but i haven’t bought ANYTHING, and I’m pretty sure I never will.  Another great find in the market was a group of people giving free hugs. Don’t worry,  I got one.  Then asked the guy if he picked my pocket. He then told me to check my purse as a joke, and of course I did as soon as he looked away.

Anyway, check out Jane sniffing her hand. I caught her in mid-sniff.


One Response to “Markets: My New Obsession”

  1. Giraffe Says:

    Casssserole, I love your blog.
    I wish I woulda been there at the market. That sounds like so much fun!
    Maybe next time?

    Hugs from Thugs,
    Tears for Fears

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