Yes everyone. Finally. It’s the smoking baby. This is the same smoking baby that I’ve caught Jane shaking her head at in destain (it’s just not right for a baby to be smoking!) and, I’ve also come home to Jane and Barb conducting a smoking baby photo shoot. One of the pics from this shoot was taken on my mom’s camera phone, which she quickly set as her wallpaper. Please picture Barb busting out laughing every time she flips open her cell b/c there is a smoking baby starring her in the face. This is real people. I received an email last week informing me that Barb had accidentally left the smoking baby at home (aka her cell). Home alone with a pack of cigs! Shameful.

This baby is prominently placed on our kitchen table, among the salt and pepper shakers and sugar bowl. Fits right in (and can be observed in one of the pictures below). Also notice that the cigarette brand is “Magic Dragon”…what EXACTLY is this baby smoking? In the words of Roots, I love my life!


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