Shea Stadium Sightings

I went to Shea a couple Wednesdays ago with Jared and Jane to see one of the last games in their original stadium. I thought the game would be the highlight but BOY was I wrong. Not only were we sitting next to drunken bleacher fools who continuously rotated between yelling that they would DIE if the Mets didn’t win the penannt, “YOUUUUU SUCK” , and other lewd statements involving body parts, but we were also surrounded by super strange visuals involving our fellow humans. Needless to said this game was a feast for the senses.

You may be wondering why the main picture for this post is of a book of logic problems from 1960. Well my friends, this was the weirdest thing I saw on this fateful night. There was a man (by himself) with a score book, keeping track of every single occurrence during the Mets game, while he also listened to another baseball game on his hand held radio. When he got bored, he did freakin logic problems! He also supplemented his night by turning around every time the bleachers creatures said something funny/loud, which was literally every 5 seconds. I was sitting directly behind him, and had the pleasure of receiving his creepy looks and smiles.

Directly to this man’s left was another fine fellow sporting a foot long braided rat tail. Nuff said.

And finally, something I found amusing was the men who came out between innings to sweep the field. They looked like they were doing a little dance with their brooms! Clearly i was the only person in Shea who was genuinely entertained by this. I guess we all have a little weird in us haha


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