Seriously. Top Shop is like…higher end Forever 21 (and you know how I feel about Forever) mixed with H&M and a euro flair. And best of all, it’s reasonably priced…like my other favie stores! I hit Top Shop in London and it was SUPER expensive b/c of the poor exchange rate, so I think it will be much more affordable (like it’s supposed to be) in the US. Here’s hopin’. I wanna get my fall shop on. Not that I can afford it. But I’ll sacrifice for Top Shop.

Top Shop was supposed to open its Soho store in mid-Octboer, but the big debut has been pushed back to November. Apparently, it’s taking longer than expected to put the final touches on the FORTY THOUSAND SQUARE FOOT STORE! Lordy loo, dats a lotta kewl clothes. Can’t wait!


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