To Newport, or not to Newport?

This past Labor Day weekend, I went to Lake Placid with some of my besties. We went primarily to hike (the part I was looking forward to the least) and it was actually amazing! The town was bumpin and there were even places to go out at night. I’ve been going to a different mountain town for summer vaca since forever, and let me tell you there is NOTHING to do in that town after sunset…so this was a pleasant surprise. We even made friends with a band called Elephant Bear. They were playing at our restaurant and gave us all free t-shirts (going to see them in NYC next Saturday!).

So basically, after this wondrous NE getaway, I want to get out of town again…and stat! A middle aged woman who we befriended on the beach (and told us her whole life story) told us to go to Newport for a similar, fun experience. I was given the same suggestion by a co-worker. And I’m convince. Look at these pics! It’s magnificooooo. Anyone have suggestions on where to stay/what to do in Newport? I’m clearly acting as if people read this blog already, even though i just started in 20 minutes ago hah. I’m clearly “talking” to myself.

Most importantly, who wants to come??? If it’s anything like Lake Placid, you will eat all day…drink all day, and do just enough physical activitity to convince yoruself that all the eating and drinking you did is justified. Perfection. Join me.


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